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The Work Principle Of Baby Food Production Line

Nov. 02, 2018

Baby Food Production Line is utilized to generate infant baby food along with a few other immediate flour solutions. The raw material is set in the mixer subsequently blended ingredients are feed to extruder feeder. The Extruder Machine is fitted together: unique cylindrical holding silo; vibratory doser with hopper to nourish the extruding twist; extrusion mechanism and clipping; separate electrical panel.

Following the extrusion the item is hauled until the constant rotary dryer by means of a pneumatic conveyor. The constant rotary dryer includes a heating ex-changer with gasoline burner which permits a greater heating of the merchandise and it's economically viable due the very low price of electric energy. Case the customer prefers we now have the electrical dryer too.

The dried product is accepted from the hoister until the mill's feeding silo where the item is processed via the friction of their hammers and so obtaining the flour in the desirable granulation. Having a blender, the pre-mix of vitamins, mineral and milk will probably be inserted to create augmented bean foods.

This is its working principle, If you want to know the details, please find us , a professional Extruder Machine Manufacturer.

The Work Principle Of Baby Food Production Line

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