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Pet Food Processing Line From China Professional Supplier

Sep. 27, 2018

That the general production procedure for pet food is comparable to that for processed meals. The flesh products used in pet foods should first be left, or processed, to separate the water, fat, and protein elements, such as soft offals (viscera) and tough offals (e.g. bones and hoofs). Normally, meat is left by out-side businesses and sent to pet food makers. The meat products meant for canned food has to be delivered clean and used within 3 days. Frozen meat products might be used for foods that are dry.

Advances in Pet Food Processing Line and Packaging have contributed to improved quality products with longer shelf life. Canned dog foods which are vacuum packed possess a shelf life of 3 to five decades and are extremely stable with minimal if any reduction in nutritional value. Dry pet food, on the other hand, has a shelf life of just 10 to 12 months and requires the inclusion of additives, though some producers are using natural compounds including vitamins E and C.

Saibainuo Technology's has been assisting meat manufacturers with their manufacturing goals since 2004. From the Pet Food Industry, Saibainuo has worked with a number of the fastest growing pet food titles which are both domestic and global brands. We've supplied Pet Food Production Line that produce canned food, refreshing, kibble and snacks. 

Pet Food Processing Line

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