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Choose our Rice Crackers Production Line

Apr. 20, 2018

Rice cake is a kind of cake processed by using rice as raw material, soaking, milling, compacting, drying, baking and seasoning. It has the characteristics of low fat, easy digestion, and crunchy texture, and it is deeply loved by people. The rice cake uses rice flour instead of wheat flour, and it is a kind of cake that has been developed by baking processing technology. In recent years, many types of rice cakes have also appeared on the market in China.

Rice Crackers Production Line is developed by our company after many years of development. The equipment is novel in design, compact in structure and high in automation. It can be completed automatically from feeding to calendering, forming, scrap recycling, drying, fuel injection, and cooling. The company provides hundreds of molds and dozens of process recipes for customers, and can produce various types of rice cakes popular on the market by changing the molds and recipes.

We sells Bread Crumbs Production Line and Pasta/Macaroni Production Line, welcome to contact us.

Rice Crackers Production Line

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