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How Should Dog Food Production Line Be Chosen?

Sep. 10, 2018

The reason why dog food finally becomes a variety of beautiful shapes is determined by the “forming” of the final process of the puffing process. The decision to shape is – the mold, what shape to choose, and what kind of mold to use. This is also an aesthetic. The problem, the artistic dog food of the dog grain granule mold eventually becomes a variety of different beautiful shapes, which is determined by the final process of the puffing process, and the decision is made - the mold, what shape to choose, What kind of mold, this is also an aesthetic problem. The Dog Food Production Line also came into being. Currently common on the market are bones, triangles, cylinders, cubes, etc., although for dogs, these shapes are meaningless, but the size of the dog food particles, whether it is convenient for dogs to eat and swallow is right Pacability has a direct effect. Pet dogs are too small for the particles, or the dog's grain is too large for small dogs to eat or even refuse to eat. It will hinder the normal eating habits of dogs and will be palatability. Play a negative role. Moreover, the aesthetic level of the dog food granules also affects the pet owner's desire to buy. What kind of granules are preferred by the pet owner, and what shape combination can make people look more comfortable? According to a professional pet industry survey data, more than 40% of pet owners choose the dog food first, considering the shape of the particles. It is generally considered that the oval shape, the circular shape or the cylindrical shape is easy to accept, followed by a triangle. Cuboidal, bone-shaped, for other grotesque shapes, unless it is very high visibility, it is generally not easy to choose.

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