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Extrusion Equipment Technology and Application

Jul. 04, 2018

Extrusion technology is widely used in food production as an economical and practical new processing method, and has been rapidly developed. The extrusion technology is used to process the cereal food. After the initial separation and mixing, the mixing, ripening, crushing, sterilization, molding and other processes can be completed in the extruder to produce the expanded product. It can be marketed after being fried (or not fried), dried and seasoned.

The shape of the product can be easily improved by simply changing the mold. Compared with the traditional production process, the extrusion technology greatly improves the processing technology of the grain food, shortens the process, enriches the color variety of the grain food, reduces the production cost of the product, reduces the floor space, and greatly reduces the area. Labor intensity, but also improved the qualification status and taste of the product, and improved product quality. The emergence of puffing technology can be said to open up a new way for the application of raw materials such as grains and starches, which we call coarse grains, in the food industry.

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