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Know More About Pet Food

Apr. 27, 2018

Pet food is a kind of food specially provided for pets and small animals. It is a high-grade animal food that is located between human food and traditional livestock and poultry feed. Its role is mainly to provide all kinds of pets with the most basic life guarantees, growth and nutrients needed for health. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption rate, scientific formula, quality standard, convenient use for feeding and prevention of certain diseases.

Pet food produced by Pet Chews/Treats Production Line of our factory covers moisture, protein, crude fat, crude ash, crude fiber, nitrogen-free extract, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, etc., among which, crude ash is non-nutritive Sexual content, crude fiber has the effect of stimulating gastrointestinal motility. The nutrition design and manufacture of pet foods must be guided by the pet dietetics professional pet nutritionist. According to the pets' different growth stages, their own constitution, different seasons and other aspects, they should be comprehensively considered to formulate a scientific and reasonable pet food standard.

We also export Pasta/Macaroni Production Line and Bread Crumbs Production Line, welcome to contact us.

Pet Chews/Treats Production Line

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