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How much do you know about Nutritional Powder/Baby Food Production Line?

Feb. 01, 2018

Our Nutritional Powder/Baby Food production line has many advantages:

First of all, Our extrusion and co-extrusion production lines can process various cereal based snacks with a wide variety of recipes and shapes.

Seacond, They can be quickly and economically modified to manufacture innovative new products such as nutritional powder, chips , with simple-to-install additional equipment.

Third, It has the higher nutrition than the traditional craft. Once they are prepared, controlled quantities of raw materials and process liquids are premixed and then dosed to feed the extrusion platform continuously and consistently. The homogeneous mix thus created by the action of two co-rotating screws is subjected to thermo-mechanical processing to gelatinize the starch and cook the product. The paste is then pushed through the die to shape, expand and give the product its light and airy finished texture. The design of the die insert, the moisture content in the extruder and the expansion ratio are key factors in determining the texturing and shaping of expanded snack products. All the products will be dried in a belt oven, cooled and then milling into nutritional powder.The grains are cooked under high-temperature and high-pressure fastly. The starch of raw grains can be denaturant which will be in favor of the absorption.

Of course we have other production lines, such as Pasta Production Line. Welcome to contact us!

Nutritional Powder/Baby Food Production Line?

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