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Analysis Of The Development Prospects Of Pet Food Machine Market 2

Dec. 13, 2018

According to Pet Food Production Line China's export experience for many years analysis Of The Development Prospects Of Pet Food Machine Market 2Although China's pet industry has been developed for more than ten years, it is still in the early stage of industry development compared with foreign developed countries. It analyzes the total number of people in China and the total number of dogs and cats. The actual performance is that the population is much larger than the number of pets owned. From the proportion of households with dogs in the city, Beijing is 7.59%, Shanghai is 4.6%, and the country is only 1.7%. The proportion of American family dogs is 62%, the United Kingdom is 43%, and Japan is 28%. According to survey data from domestic pet food manufacturers, the proportion of pet foods in mainland China is only 15%, which shows the huge gap between China's pet industry and foreign countries, but also reveals the future Chinese market. Business opportunities and development space. On the one hand, these data illustrate the huge gap between domestic and international markets, and also indicate that the domestic market will face greater business opportunities and development space in the future. In particular, the progress of consumer awareness in the future, the gradual transfer of rural areas to urbanization, and the gradual increase in the number of dogs and cats will further drive the rapid development of the entire Pet Food Machine industry. The Chinese pet industry is expected to continue to grow at a rate of 35% per year.

On December 13-16, 2018, Shanghai New International Expo Center will hold the 2018 Shanghai International Pet Food Products and Pet Medical Exhibition. There will be many industry companies gathering here. At this exhibition, there are not only multiple exhibition areas such as pet food, pet supplies, pet medical care, and aquarium supplies, but also the International Pet Food Development Summit, International Pet Medical, Dog Food Processing Line Summit Forum, Pet Hospital Management Forum and Chinese Pets. Retail market buyers meet and wait for many forum events.

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