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Production Process of Puffed Food

Jun. 28, 2018

Puffed food has five processing sections: mixing, transport, extrusion, drying, and coating.

1. Mixing - Its role is to mix the dry material and mix it with water to achieve the pre-wetting effect. It provides some time for the hydration of the starch. This process has a greater impact on the subsequent expansion. The total moisture content of the general extruded material is 13-20%, which is achieved by the powder mixer.

2. The conveyed-mixed material is conveyed from the mixer to the hopper. Long bucket elevators, screw conveyors or vacuum conveyors.

3. Extrusion - This is the key to extrusion processing. The extruder retorts the material and transforms them into a plastic melt under a certain pressure. The cooked material passes through a small die hole and forms a certain shape under pressure, and then the extruded pores are extruded to form a result. shape. The cutting device cuts the continuous discharge into the desired size product. The operating device of the extruder can be used to control the density and texture of the directly expanded product. The processing parameters that can be controlled separately are the moisture content, the feed rate, the barrel temperature and the screw speed (if the speed is variable). The stencil resistance is also an independently controllable parameter, but it will not change in the stabilization process after assembly by the extruder.

4. Dry - Directly expanded foods are generally dried after extrusion. Extruded raw material moisture content of 13% -16%, after being squeezed due to moisture into the steam flashed off to 8% -12%, followed by drying to reduce the moisture to 2-5% below to form a crisp texture And the environment required for a stable price of goods, due to the low density of the product, the drying time is very short and the effect can be achieved.

5. Coatings - Spraying with oils and flavorings after expanding and drying the product. There is a taste that can give the product a better taste. The flavoring agent gives the product different flavors. The coating of oil and flavoring agent usually accounts for about 20-35% of the finished product weight.

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