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The Development Trend Of The Food Industry

Jul. 24, 2018

The future food industry will present seven major development trends:

1. Large-scale, the most stable development. In the future, the food industry will continue to maintain the basic situation of “the largest chassis and the most stable development” in the national industrial system. According to estimates, the income from the main business of food enterprises above designated size is expected to grow by about 7% annually. By 2020, the main business income may exceed 15 trillion yuan.

2. Great business, integration and integration. The integration of the first, second and third industries is a unique advantage of the food industry, and the speed of vertical extension and horizontal expansion of the industrial chain is accelerating.

3. The big market, the space is “no borders”. Food companies will increase the depth and breadth of integration into the global market and realize the “borderlessness” of market space.

4. Large clusters, the layout is more optimized. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy, the Yangtze River Economic Belt Strategy, and the Western Development Strategy will continue to advance, and the future regional development will be more coordinated and orderly.

5. Great security and stricter supervision. The party and the government will push forward the implementation of food safety strategies with greater efforts, and the food industry will show a trend of great security development.

6. Big brand, the image is improving. The enthusiasm for brand culture construction in the food industry will be unprecedentedly high, and the brand development foundation and external environment will be greatly improved.

7. Big technology, transforming new kinetic energy. The technology and food industry will achieve seamless integration in the entire industry chain of raw material production, processing, manufacturing and consumption.

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