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What Is Baby Supplement Food?

May. 07, 2018

In the infancy stage, breastmilk is certainly the best food for your baby, but as your baby grows up, it takes about six months to start. Light breast milk or infant formula can no longer meet your baby's nutritional needs. So during this time, in addition to the original breast milk or infant formula, in addition to the baby should also be given some solid food, which is what we call complementary food. Food supplements include rice flour, muddy lake foods, and other homemade foods.

The Baby Food Productiom Line sold by our factory can produce a variety of complementary foods that meet the nutritional needs of infants. In addition, we also export other food production lines such as Modified Starch Production Line. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.

Baby Food Productiom Line

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