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What is Vegetarian Meat?

Jun. 13, 2018

Vegetarian meat refers to a vegetarian diet that has a flavour and texture similar to meat. It usually uses plant proteins (soy protein, peanut protein, wheat gluten, etc.) as the main raw material, and includes modern food processing technologies such as extrusion cooking. Hot working forms a texture similar to that of meat, and a meat-like flavor is formed by the Maillard reaction and/or the addition of a meat flavor.

Biomimetic food is a new product in the food industry. It is an "artificial food" developed to satisfy consumer needs. It has characteristics such as imitating natural foods, eating convenience, and nutrition and health. Vegetarian meat is a popular type of bionic food. It is a kind of imitation wolfberry food that is processed by molding, cooking, frying, etc. using advanced modern food processing technology. Its shape, color, fragrance, taste, etc. Foraging is similar.

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