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Why Choose Our Food Production Line?

Jul. 10, 2018

1. Improved taste and taste: After the coarse grain is puffed, the structure of the rough and hard structure is destroyed, and the coarse grain is no longer seen. The taste of the whole grain can not be eaten, the taste is soft, the taste is improved, and it is delicious.

2. Convenient to eat: After the whole grain has been puffed, it has become a cooked food. It can be directly boiled with boiling water, or made into compressed food, or processed into a variety of foods. It is easy to eat and saves time.

3. The preservation rate and digestibility of nutrients are high: the nutrient preservation rate and digestibility of puffed foods are relatively high, which means that the puffing process has no effect on the nutrition of food, and its digestibility is more than that of unexpanded. Higher.

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Cheetos Snacks Production Line

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